The Modern Mystery School (MMS) has the sacred duty to protect and share the tools and process for individual empowerment that have been given to us through the oral tradition and Lineage of King Salomon the Wise. The primary international headquarters for the Modern Mystery School are located in Toronto, Canada and Tokyo, Japan with many more regional centers and communities in over 40 countries world wide. The Pacific Northwest has been home an active and growing community of MMS initiates since 2000.

Initiates of this tradition become members of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the living representatives an ancient tradition of human progression and the many spiritual energies that support this work. Our members are humanitarians and lightworkers, healers and spiritual warriors, ensuring that this invaluable system of enlightenment remains intact and available.  More information about MMS internationally is available at

The prime goal of our hard work is something called The Great Work, which is the discovery and fulfillment of each individual’s unique higher purpose. To achieve this, each member of our community seeks to Know Thyself by engaging in service to ourselves, to each other, our community and our world-wide human family.   More information about MMS in the PNW is available at our site