Sonia Carbrey


Sonia Carbrey moved to the United States in 1986, only knowing a few words of the English language.  She relocated to the U.S. looking to achieve the “American Dream” by building her way from the ground up.  She has become a productive member of society, however, her journey has not been without ups and downs.  These personal trials and tribulations that we all face in life is why she is focused on helping others see and unlock their true potentials through spiritual and mental guidance.

Sonia was introduced to the Modern Mystery School (MMS) by a friend, who simply stated when asked about it: “I did it, and I know you will love it.”  Sonia was skeptical at first, but at this time in her life with becoming mentally exhausted and mildly depressed due to the many stresses life can bring, she decided to try it.  She went through the Life Activation and Life Healing sessions and since her first day, her life and journey began to improve drastically.  She gained the empowerment to change her situations and, with this new empowerment, has helped others achieve the same.

Along with her personal improvement practice, Sonia also works for a start-up marketing firm as a Senior Accountant and Financial Advisor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Hawaii Pacific University.  Sonia also enjoys staying mentally, physically, and spiritually fit through Zumba classes, inspiring artwork, meditation, cooking, spending time with loved ones, and helping people of any background achieve their goals and aspirations.

If you would like to meet Sonia and get started, schedule a consultation appointment or view some of her inspirational artwork by visiting the Services and Artwork sections.