“Oh Goodness Godess!! 💫💖💫 My beautiful friend Sonia painted this amazing piece JUST FOR ME!! This is my first commissioned piece of art and I am in LOVE with it! This painting is not only gorgeous..it makes me HAPPY to look at and touch! Its tactile, the dots are raised so you can feel the energy of it. She used my personal energy to guide her in this, the colors represent parts of me. She sent me pics of it along the way so I got to see it in different stages of its creation.  😍

I fell in love with Sonia’s art the first time I saw it, she has a gift that I believe needs to be shared with the world. If you love it, like her page (link below) and if you want one of your very own, reach out to her!” – Lindsay 



“Art is created for people who believe that art is beyond the eye.  It brings a sense of tranquility, inspiration, and imagination.  My artwork is intended to do just those things, and it helps me with furthering my spiritual connection with the mental (inspiration) and physical (artwork).

When I create these pieces of my artwork, I am instilling positive energies such as love, light, joy, and passion so that these energies will be passed on to the recipient.  I create these pieces with the intent of inserting the energy, passion, and individuality that I receive from the recipient, combining it with my own.

I take pleasure in doing these pieces, but I take even more pleasure when it makes people feel virtuous.  I want to tailor my work to your spirit and energy to ensure that it brings you peace and happiness.” –Sonia



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If you would like me to create a customized piece, please contact me for further consultation.