Ask yourself the following questions:


Am i needing positive change/influence in my life?

Am i struggling with finding my life’s purpose?

Am i having trouble unlocking my full potential?

Everything seems fine, but can i reach even higher than my current state?





If you have answered yes to just ONE of these questions…




Sonia Carbrey is a Certified Spiritual Healer and Life Activation Practitioner who serves those who wish to enlighten and empower themselves through spiritual one-on-one private sessions.  These sessions are completely tailored to each individual based on their needs and goals.

Along with her sessions, Sonia creates customized artwork.  These paintings are meant to infuse her positive energy into the work, as well as resonate their own unique spiritual blueprint that will last for a lifetime.


“Sonia is such a warm and loving soul. It was easy to open myself and relax for her. Right after the session, I felt that stagnation which had been with me for a long time was just gone! And I felt totally peace and love. Her reading was wonderful too. One of the thing she described was actually manifested in my life not too later. It was something that I wanted to do deeply. It’s been a year now, and I can say this year was totally a big shift from my old life. I’ve a got good job, and I started taking classes that I always wanted to do. Despite the busy life, I always feel center and grounded. Love love love” -Rika

“I was blessed to have a Life Purpose reading with Sonia in 2017.   I had the session not expecting the immense effect it would have on me.    Sonia was spot on with her reading.  During the reading I experienced so much relief and healing.   It is months later and looking back the reading changed my life and helped heal some issues that I carried with me from childhood.  I will always be grateful for Sonia and remember the reading always.  I can recommend her work as it touched me in a very deep way.”  -Marié



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